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Nov 2013

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

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Security has become a crucial thing in the lives of many people currently. It is a very dangerous thing to have an unprotected wireless network. This is because any type of information that you send over the wireless network can probably be interrupted by malicious people. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to secure your network, then do not worry. The following are the step by step tutorial on how to secure your wireless network:

Step 1: Access your wireless network router

Wireless network routers are controlled through the administration pages which can be accessed through the web browsers. You only require your router’s IP address. This can always be obtained by looking online or its manual for information on the specific model of your router.

After you have the router’s IP address, you should type it in the URL bar of your browser. You will be required to insert a username and a password. The word admin is often used by default as both username and password even though there are some routers which use admin’ as a username and password’ as a password.

Step 2: Change your default administration username and password

You will want to limit access to the admin page of the wireless router. If an individual was to gain access to your router, they would change the log in details and even lock you out of your network system forever.

Step 3: Change your Service Set Identifier (SSID)

SSID is the name that will be visible for your wireless network every time you look for an open network using a wireless enabled device. In case the SSID of your router is set to default by the manufacturer, any would be able to see it if they are looking for an open network around and with some few online searches, they can find out the model number of your router which will assist them access to the settings of your router easily. Therefore, you need to change you router’s SSID available in the network wireless section in your admin page.

Step 4: Lock your Wi-Fi Network

At this point, you need to navigate to the wireless setup or wireless security section of the admin page of your router.

There are various security alternatives available for wireless network routers. For many users, WPA or WPA2-Personal is the perfect selection. You should never secure your Wi-Fi network using WEP. This is WEP is a very older security protocol which is extremely vulnerable to network attack.

Set both encryption and version techniques to the automatic settings. Thereafter you should set a password that you can easily remember but cannot be guessed by anyone else.

With the above steps your wireless network will be secured and no one would easily interfere or gain access to the system.

Image use courtesy of nrkbeta under the creative commons license.

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