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Find the location information for nearly any IP address in the world.

How to use the IP Location Tool

  1. Enter the IP address that you wish to locate. The IP address you enter should be written in dotted-decimal format. For example, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. Currently IPv6 addresses are not supported.
  2. Complete the Captcha below the form. This is prevent spam and to make sure you are human. Visitors are not allowed to use this website in an automated fashion. Automated requests can be accessed using the API. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. Members who are logged in can access ad-free tools without entering captcha information.
  3. The IP location results will display below. If you would like more information about the accuracy of this tool or how the IP address locator works, continue reading below.

How IP Address Location Works

Enter the IP address that you want to locate. The IP is checked against our IP location database to find the geographic position of the address. The database is updated frequently to ensure accurate results. The results will display the location information below. All IP address lookup results include the following information:

  • The physical mailing address of the IP
  • Location City, State/Region, and Zip Code
  • Internet Service Provide of the IP Address
  • Longitude and Latitude Information
  • An interactive map displaying location information.

Sample Location Results

This is a screenshot of the format and display of an IP address lookup.

IP Address Location Results

Physical Mailing Address Information

Find My IP is the only website on the Internet that provides you with mailing address results for an IP. Our compilation of IP address locations have been combined with geolocation services to be the first website on the World Wide Web to provide this functionality.

IP Location Accuracy

The location database is updated frequently with the latest data. Sometimes, however, it takes a while for locations to be updated. Keep in mind, the results for this tool provide data about the IP address and not your device location. Device locations are determined with GPS information, which is much different.

Internet Service Providers

The location results largely depend on the information associated with your Internet Service Provider, or ISP. For example, if your ISP is located in Canada or Mexico, the results will probably show those locations, even if your physical location is in the United States.

Mobile Locations

Location information is especially dependent on mobile carriers when using a cell phone. Mobile devices are commonly equipped with GPS. The GPS position of a smart phone and the IP address location are rarely the same. While GPS will provide physical location information, the IP address information is largely dependent on the carrier.