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Check your IP address against the largest collection of spam blocking lists.

DNS IP Address Blacklist

Blacklist Results

Enter a domain or IP address. The results of the IP Blacklist Check will display here, along with the details.

How the DNS IP Blacklist Check Works

Enter a domain or IP address that you think may be the origin of SPAM or Malware. The results will show the information of the IP address or domain name if it is listed in one or the IP blacklists. Different lists contain different information, and this tool should not be used as the sole source of blacklist information. Many lists are openly-supported, allowing any number of Internet users or companies to submit information as they please.

What is the IP Blacklist?

The IP blacklist is a text list of IP addresses and domain names that are potentially dangerous. These lists contain uniquely identifying information for sources of SPAM, Malware, Viruses, Phishing, and other unethical actions across the web.

Generally, these IP blacklists are collections of lists from different sources. Some sources include anti-virus software companies and non-profit organizations. Often, these lists are available by subscription or free for personal use.

What is a DNSBL?

A DNSBL is a list of IP addresses that have a history of sending SPAM or other malicious practices. The purpose of the DNSBL is to catch potential spammers at the DNS level. At the DNS level, there is much more security and less-likely for malicious code to reach its destination.

What is a SURBL?

A SURBL is a list of websites that are potential origins of SPAM. There are several providers that maintain this list. One of the most notable companies to maintain a SURBL list is Google. Google keeps records of websites across the Internet which are suspected of containing malware and other types of spam. The search engine does this to notify users of the potential risks involved in viewing a particular website.

Can I request to be removed from the IP blacklist?

FindMyIP does not currently maintain the blacklist. What we do is collect data from the most reputable blacklists on the Internet. The results displayed above includes the results from many blacklists on the web. You may, however, request that our URL or IP address be removed from a blacklist from the company that lists it. Please check with the individual SURBL/DNSBL company for details on how to address your concerns.