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IP Address Lookup, IP WhoIs Lookup, IP Blacklist Check, and More!

IP Address Tools online give you the power to access IP address information directly from your browser. There is no additional software or plugins required. No login or registration required. Best of all, IP address tools are completely FREE!

Use IP Address Tools on any device!

IP Address Location

Use the IP Address Lookup Tool to find the location of any IP address in the world. Frequent updates ensure you get the most accurate location details.

IP Blacklist Check

Check your IP address or domain against the SPAM blacklist. The Blacklist Tool checks your IP Address against the largest collection of SPAM databases from across the Internet. Ensure your customers, friends, and family get your emails on-time, every time. Checking your IP address against the blacklist will help keep your email out of SPAM folders.

Ping Online

FindMyIP is the first website to bring you a real online Ping tool that uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets to ping any web server or IP address connected to the World Wide Web. Our free online Ping utility uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo function as outlined by the IETF’s RFC 792.

IP WhoIs Lookup

Find out owner information for any registered domain on the Internet. Accurate and reliable data comes directly from the American Registry for Internet numbers. Information includes contact names and addresses, email address, and even registrar data.

DNS Lookup

Want to know what IP address a domain name resolves to? The DNS Lookup Tool shows you exactly what IP addresses are mapped to your URLs. DNS lookup even works for clustered servers, where a website is hosted on multiple physical machines. A great tool for DNS troubleshooting.

Reverse DNS Lookup

Have an IP address and need to know what domain it is assigned to? Reverse DNS is the perfect solution. Reverse DNS lookups, or rDNS, shows you the host name for any IP address.

Email Trace

Receiving email spam? You may simply want to find out where a certain email originated? Our email trace will tell you all information available for emails sent to your inbox. The email trace will show the IP address of the person who sent it, the physical location, and even the device used to send it.

Server Headers Check

Check the HTTP headers sent by your website or web server. Just enter the URL or IP address of the server where your website resides. The Server Headers Check Tool will handle the rest. Take the opportunity to look at the information your server sends with each HTTP request.

IP Address Tools Coming Soon

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