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How to hide my IP address using a proxy or VPN.

A proxy is a network for computers that gives you the ability to Hide your IP address and access the Internet using indirect network connections. When connected to a proxy server your computer would connect to the proxy using its IP address then the proxy would generate a different address and use that to access the destination website requested, leaving your IP address hidden. Your computer would, therefore, be restricted to accessing the desired websites indirectly, wile connected to the proxy server. That is how the proxy server works its magic to hide your IP address.

Using a proxy is pretty simple and, as such, requires little configuration when using a web based proxy server. There are, however, a variety of different proxy types, each with their own settings and requirements. Though they all allow you to browse the Internet anonymously (hiding you IP address), how this process gets done depends highly on the type of proxy server used. Let’s take a look at a few of these varieties to understand it a bit more.

VPN Services

A VPN (virtual private network) is a network create to protect your personal information and identity (including your IP address) when browsing on public networks. This includes direct connections to the Internet as well as a variety wireless hot-spots. To protect your information the VPN utilizes a collection of special protocols that come together to form an encrypted tunnel that takes your information securely from one location to another. Some consider it the firewall of the Internet as it protects your information online while your computer’s firewall protects your information that is on your local computer.

Website-Based Proxy Servers

Another way to hide your IP address is to utilize a website – based proxy server. This form of proxy equips you with a user friendly interface with a field to enter the link of the website that you would like to browse without your IP address being visible. When you click the button to submit the form and visit the website the proxy then sends out a request to access the website you are trying to visit. Once a response is received the proxy simply corresponds with it using a generated IP address, leaving yours hidden.

Browser-Configured Proxy Servers

The final type of Proxy is called a Browser – Configured Proxy Server. These are stand – alone proxies that gives you the ability to hide your IP address by routing the traffic from your browser through its servers instead of directly from your network. It then completes the request, on your behalf, using a generated IP address and sends you the results.

To sum it all up there are three main types of proxies, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Website – Based Proxy Servers and Browser – Configured Proxy Servers. Each employs a different method to help you hide your IP address. Ultimately the choice is yours to determine the method you use. If you prefer a more technical method then you can go with a VPN while a more simple minded person would opt to utilize the Web – Based or Browser Configured Proxy. Regardless of what you decide to go with, however, you can expect similar results..

Happy Browsing!