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Everything you want to know about IP addresses.

Proxy IP Address Information

What is a proxy? What is a web proxy? What are proxy servers used for? Answers to all of these questions can be found on the proxy information page. The Proxy IP Address pages include tutorials on how to use a proxy server, web-based proxies, and places to find proxy server addresses.

IP Address Commands

Quick-Reference guide for IP address commands when using a terminal or command-prompt interface. IP address commands for Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix. The command list includes brief descriptions and instructions for each command-line utility.


Comprehensive guide to Internet Protocol Version 4. The history of IP addresses, IP address notations, and how IP addresses are factored into networking applications and algorithms.


Comprehensive guide to Internet Protocol Version 6. The future of Internet Protocol is around the corner. Get the information you need to prepare for the World Wide Web's transition to IPv6.

Static vs. Dynamic

New to networking? Find out all you need to know about dynamic IP addresses and static IP addresses.

Hide My IP

Step-By-Step tutorials on the best ways to hide your IP address. Whether you want to connect to a Virtual Private Network or connect to a proxy server, we'll show you exactly how to effectively hide your IP.


Quick-Reference guide to common acronyms used on FindMyIP.

Internet Security

Complete information on how to protect your laptop, desktop, tablet, and smart phone devices from viruses and malware.


An integral part of Internet functionality, find out how DNS allows the digital world to keep spinning. DNS information also contains useful knowledge for finding new domain names and how to find the best domain registrar. If you're interested in setting up your own web server or home security system, this is the place to start.

MAC Address

IP addresses are not the only way to identify an electronic device on a network. Find out the truth about the media access control address and how it's used for electronic identification on networks connected to the World Wide Web.


What is DHCP? Find out how DHCP allocates IP addresses, making it possible for multiple devices to a network automatically.

Port Forwarding

What is port forwarding? Learn information on what port forwarding entails as well as how to configure your router to forward external requests to specific ports on your home network. Also includes common IP addresses by router manufacturers.