Gmail Headers

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How to get your email headers in Gmail.

The following will show you step by step how to get your email source code, along with the email headers, in Gmail. The email headers contain vital information concerning the origination of the email. You can input the email headers into the Email Trace to find the location of the sender.

Log In to Your Gmail Account

Login to your Google Gmail account. If you don’t have one, registration is free.

Gmail Registration
[You can access the Gmail login directly at this Link to the Gmail Login Page.]

Open the email

Click on the link to the email like you would any other.

Gmail Open Email

Click the Drop-Down Tab

The drop down tab near the upper left hand corner of the email will show you a menu.

Gmail Drop Down

Click “Show Original”

Of the options shown, we are really only concerned with viewing the original email message. A new page or tab will open, showing you the raw data that was used to send the email. The code will contain the email and possibly some HTML, if the message contains it.

Gmail Show Original

Copy the Email Source

Highlight the entire page. You can do this by simple dragging your mouse across the content while holding down the left click button. Then either click the left click button of your mouse and choose copy, or hold down the control key and press C.
Gmail Email Source

That’s it. Paste the message source in the email trace to find out where it came from.