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Target your advertising and save money.

Direct Advertiser Program

Our affiliates and advertisers are simply businesses that use FindMyIP as an online marketing channel. An agreement has been established with our affiliates that is designed to benefit all parties involved. Being an affiliate does not mean endorsement, approval, or any other relationship between the two entities other than the aforementioned agreement. Companies, businesses, and non-profit organizations can apply to become an affiliate by using the application below.

Advertising Inventory

FindMyIP uses Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business, an ad management solution that helps us sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of our advertising inventory. What this means is that you can guarantee your advertisements are served efficiently and reliably, all from a fast and reliable infrastructure. This also helps to guarantee your security, leaving click fraud verification to those who know it best, Google. Advertisers can choose two methods of advertising delivery: Cost-Per-Day and Cost-Per-View.

Direct Advertising = Reduced Costs

Why advertise directly? Simple, this cuts out the middle man. 100% of your budget goes to marketing your products. There are no hidden fees or costs involved. You simply provide us with a banner or creatives and a preferred amount for Cost-Per-Day and Cost-Per-View. Once we have agreed on a price that suits us all, our staff creates your advertising space. In addition to the ads, you get access to valuable tracking data provided by DFP.

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Once your request is submitted, please allow 1 – 2 weeks for your request to be processed. We will email you with a response indicating your approval information.

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