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"Whats My IP Address?"

Ever ask yourself, "Whats my IP address"? FindMyIP shows your IP address on every page. In addition to your IP address, every page checks to see if you're behind a proxy server, the type of browser you are using, as well as your location information.

FindMyIP is not only a place to find your IP address. Our website also has IP address Tools that can be accessed directly from your Internet browser. Wait... there's more. We also have an API that can be accessed from your own custom application, an information section for IP address information, and a frequently updated blog with technology-related news and current events.

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We offer free IP address automation for every registered member. Registration is free and takes less than 5 minutes. Our API includes easy-to-use URLs that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Visit the FindMyIP API Options for more information. API access also includes extensive documentation and code samples for the most popular programming languages. This means you can get the IP address information you need fast.

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What Is an IP Address?

IP addresses are simply numbers used by electronic devices when connected to the Internet. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is like a language spoken by your computer to the rest of the World Wide Web. An IP address is similar to your phone number. If you don't know the number of the person you're trying to call, you can't get in touch with them. Just the same, without IP addresses, no devices could communicate with one another.

An IP is usually represented by a number. This number is broken into 4 parts which are separated by periods. When shown like this, the number format is referred to as "dotted decimal notation:


Each part of the address represents 1 byte of data, for a total of 4 bytes. Of course, this is only for IPv4 addresses. IPv6 addresses are represented in a slightly different format, but serve the same purpose. For more information about how IP addresses and networks function, browse the topics on the IP address information page.

Because IP addresses are unique, they can be used to identify nearly any person connected to the Internet.

IP Address Tools

FindMyIP online tools provide Internet users with valuable information about their IP. The tools can be used directly from your web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Each tools can be accessed from any electronic device, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smart phones. Some of the tools available include:

  • IP Address Lookup. The lookup tool is also know as IP locator, IP geolocation, or IP address location. This tool helps you find the physical location of any IP connected to the Internet.
  • IP WhoIs Lookup. The WhoIs lookup shows you information about a domain. You can find the owner of a domain as well as their contact information.
  • Ping Online. Ping any website or IP address directly from your browser. The FindMyIP Tools uses ICMP to perform real-time ping echo requests.
  • DNS Lookup. The DNS lookup tool provides you the IP's that belong to a domain name. The DNS lookup tool is great for troubleshooting issues with your name servers.
  • Reverse DNS Lookup. IP addresses are resolved to domain names or host names. Also know as rDNS, or host name lookup, gives you host name information about an IP.
  • Email Trace. The email trace allows you to input email source to determine the location and server that sent it.
  • TraceRoute. Follow the packets sent from your computer or mobile device as they travel across the World Wide Web.
  • IP Blacklist Check. See if your domain has been flagged for SPAM. Check your IP or domain name against the largest collection of DNSBLs and SURBLs on the Internet.
  • Server Headers Check. View the HTTP header information that's being sent from your website. Use the headers check to find out if your redirects are working, view cache configurations, or simply to get a bit of reassurance of your web server's functionality.

All of the IP tools on this website are available free of charge. There are no hidden costs, fees, or other gimmicks. The tools are frequently updated to keep up with current technology. We are constantly adding tools to our website, so check back frequently if you can't find what you need. Or, if you would like, email us at or Contact Us to submit a request.

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IP Address Information

This website contains a large collection of information about IP addresses and the Internet. Whether you are new to the world of IP addresses or an experienced networking professional, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Our IP address information section contains information about:

  • Proxy IP Addresses and Proxy Servers
  • IP Address Command-Line Utilities for Windows and Linux
  • Static and Dynamic IP Addressing
  • Quick Reference for Networking Acronyms
  • Internet Security Information
  • MAC Addressing
  • Mobile IPs and Electronic Identifiers
  • And much MORE!

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IP Address Software

We offer two different pieces of software to our users. Our IP Trax software is an IP based tracker software for your laptop or desktop computer. The IP Trax software notifies you in the event that your IP address changes, making it easy to identify DNS updates or theft. Our IP Tools Remote software allows user to access our web-based tools from a platform dependent application. The IP Tools Remote is available for nearly every device, including PC's, Macs, tablet, and cell phone devices.

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